A New Era for Presbyopia Treatment

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Presbyopia, the diminished ability of the eye to focus close objects after 40, is a challenge for many. Fortunately, an innovative solution is on the horizon: pilocarpine-based eye drops.

How Does It Work?

Pilocarpine reduces pupil's diameter thus increases depth of focus

These eye drops work by reducing the size of the pupil. This process increases the depth of field, similar to reducing the diameter of a camera's diaphragm, thus allowing the eye to better focus on close objects.

It's a real breakthrough for those seeking an alternative to reading glasses.

Efficacy and Comfort

Pilocarpine, a well-known medication in ophthalmology, now offers a new utility. These eye drops can be used daily, producing effects in about 20 minutes and lasting up to 8 hours.

This innovative treatment significantly improves near vision without negatively impacting distance or night vision.

Pilocarpine is a well-known drug.

Safety and Side Effects

A complete ophthalmological exam is compulsory

Although these eye drops offer many advantages, they are not without side effects. The most common include headaches and pain at the instillation site. However, these effects are generally mild and affect only a small proportion of users.

Access to these eye drops will not be over-the-counter, as they require a complete ophthalmological exam to exclude any contraindications.

A Step Forward

Instillation of pilocarpine

With the FDA's approval of preservative-free products like Qlosi (Orasis Pharmaceuticals), based on rigorous clinical trials, the option of pilocarpine-based eye drops represents a significant step in the treatment of presbyopia. It's an exciting development for those looking to free themselves from the constraints of reading glasses or contact lenses.

In conclusion, pilocarpine-based eye drops offer a promising and flexible solution for those wishing to manage their presbyopia with fewer compromises.

Qlosi's availability in the United States is planned for the first half of 2024. It marks the beginning of a new era in the medical treatment of presbyopia.

Source: FDA Approves Orasis Pharmaceuticals' Eye Drop Qlosi for Presbyopia

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