The Refractive Surgery Platform

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The surgery platform includes all the necessary instruments for precise eye measurements, as well as an operating room equipped with high-tech lasers for corneal cutting and reshaping.

The Operating Room

Refractive surgeries are performed at the Alliance Medical Center in Braine l'Alleud. An operating room is dedicated and includes all the certifications necessary for patient safety. The center is part of the list of recognized extramural centers by many health insurance providers.

We also have specialized staff including anesthesiologists, nurses, and orthoptists, allowing us to perform our surgeries under the best conditions.

The center is recognized by many health insurance providers

Surgical Lasers

Allegretto Wavelight EX500 Laser

The laser used for reshaping the cornea is called the Excimer laser. The laser we use is the latest in its generation: the Allegretto Wavelight EX500 Alcon.

It offers a very high treatment speed, less than 2 seconds per diopter. Additionally, an ultra-responsive "<

strong>eye-tracker" allows us to track the movement of your eyes during the laser treatment. Finally, there is a wide range of available treatments: Wavefront Optimized (WFO), Topoguided (TG “Contura”), te-PRK (“Streamlight”).

There is a wide range of possible laser treatments.

The laser used for creating cuts in the cornea is called the Femtosecond laser. The femtosecond laser we use is the latest in its generation: the Intralase IFS-150 AMO.

It offers a very fast cutting speed, less than 15 seconds to create a corneal flap. There is a wide range of available treatments: corneal flaps, intracorneal rings, pockets, cuts for lamellar and transfixing grafts.

You can visit the page describing the different refractive surgeries performed at our center.


Anterion OCT from Heidelberg

We have state-of-the-art measurement instruments to perform highly accurate biometry in order to achieve the best possible result.

The Anterion (Heidelberg) is an anterior segment OCT. It allows capturing very precise images of the entire anterior segment of the eye and determining axial length. Only a few centers in Europe have this tool. Its use is crucial for high-quality biometry.

We also have the Pentacam (Oculus), which allows capturing precise corneal topography. It is the reference instrument in refractive surgery.

The Lenstar (Hagg Streit) is also very helpful with its precise measurement of axial length, keratometry, and AI-adjusted biometry formulas.

Some formulas are adjusted by artificial intelligence.

For each routine consultation, we also perform topography, aberrometry, and pachymetry using the Visionix VX120 to improve our daily diagnosis. This helps in easier detection of keratoconus, which is a often difficult-to-detect corneal disease.

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