Anterion: A Revolution in Refractive Surgery

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Are you considering refractive surgery to correct your vision? Let us introduce you to Anterion, a cutting-edge biometer that promises to transform your eye surgery experience.

What is Anterion?

Anterion is a high-tech biometer that uses Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging to obtain detailed images of the eye. It offers unparalleled accuracy, enabling surgeons to perform procedures with precision and efficiency like never before.

This allows surgeons to accurately measure the axial length of the eye, the depth of the anterior chamber, corneal thickness, and other essential parameters for successful surgery. These precise measurements enable surgeons to plan and execute interventions with exceptional precision.

Anterion is designed for patient comfort. The examination is quick and painless, and the device itself is compact and non-invasive. Additionally, Anterion uses near-infrared light, which is more comfortable for the eye than the white light used by many other devices.

Easily and comfortably measured with Anterion

Reliable Results

Anterion is capable of detecting and compensating for eye movements

With Anterion, you can be assured of reliable results. The device uses advanced technology to obtain accurate measurements, allowing surgeons to precisely plan your procedure. Additionally, Anterion is capable of detecting and compensating for eye movements, ensuring that the measurements are accurate even if you move slightly during the examination.

Anterion is much more than just a biometer. It is also capable of performing corneal topography, corneal tomography, astigmatism evaluation, corneal power measurement, and pachymetry. This means that Anterion can provide a comprehensive range of services, making it ideal for various refractive surgery procedures.

We have all the available options for the machine: "Cornea," "Cataract," "Imaging," and "Metrics" applications. We have been using this technology to benefit patients since 2019.

If you are considering refractive surgery, Anterion is the technology to choose. With its unmatched measurement accuracy, high-quality imaging, and patient comfort, Anterion provides the best conditions for successful refractive surgery.

If you are considering refractive surgery, Anterion is the technology to choose.

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